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Back-to-School List: Pencils, Books, and an Eye Exam

Back to School

As the summer slowly fades away, back-to-school planning is in high gear. One of the most important tools your child needs to start the year off right is great vision. According to the American Optometric Association, one in every four children have a vision problem, yet 93% of children during developmental years never see an eye doctor for diagnosis and treatment. A comprehensive eye exam helps your doctor see signs of common health conditions which is critical in getting treatment early.  So, if you haven’t made your back-to-school list yet, use ours to ensure the essentials aren’t missed:

  • Shop for those important back-to-school supplies.
  • Dust off your child’s backpack and lunch box and give it a wash.
  • Create a homework space in your home.
  • Buy coffee.
  • Schedule a family eye appointment.

After all, good vision and good grades go hand in hand. Get a head start on the school year and schedule an eye exam for your family today.